Lindwa Communications: Here’s how video can boost your brand story-telling

Lindwa Communications offers online event streaming services. We broadcast live events or pre-recordings of your virtual conferences because when it comes to digital marketing, video can change your brand’s game. It’s the fastest way to capture people’s attention and get your message across. Whether it’s video adverts or live streaming events, your brand can say more with video.

Businesses can no longer fly by incognito as faceless entities. Your audience needs to resonate with your business, and this is achieved when they can see who is behind the brand. Video can give your brand storytelling an advantage that will maximise your brand’s visibility, voice and impact. Through video, you can share your story directly with your audience and your original story will always be your Unique Selling Point (USP). Which gives customers reasons why they should buy your product or service.  Overall, brand storytelling in all its forms is the future for digital content marketing.

How to use video in your brand story-telling:

Video production is a craft and storytelling is an art, so you’ll always want to get a team or agency that knows what they are doing. Your team needs to know how to tell a good story and get the point directly across as you continue to craft your plot. People online have a shorter attention span than people offline, so you need to hook your audience immediately then proceed with building the arc of your story. 

Your story has to be authentic. The internet is vast and everyone is doing everything. So the key for using video in your content marketing ensures that your brand storytelling is authentic. Don’t try to be like everyone else. 

When you decide to use video in your digital storytelling, also have a content marketing strategy in place. This means you’ll need to hire professionals who will know how to execute your goals and work with your budget. If you don’t, then you might spend your money on a mediocre production and be surprised when all you get are “crickets” as a response to your efforts. Do it correctly the first time around even if it means that you invest in your business with this solid content marketing plan. Sometimes choosing a “cheaper” option can cost you. 

In all your marketing efforts, remember to be human. Cut the industry jargons, statistics and testimonials. Just speak to your customers, and they will resonate with you through this. My last question is: have you considered adding video to your content marketing plan? Because Lindwa Communications is ready to help your business make a solid digital footprint with your brand storytelling, get in touch with us.

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