Lindwa Communications: Top 5 SEO strategies to improve your Google ranking

Lindwa Communication knows the importance of an online presence and Search Engine Optimised content always works when it comes to your content marketing efforts. This is why our digital marketing packages incorporate on-page and off-page SEO strategies so that your content reaches your target audience, one post at a time. 


It’s one thing to have a website and social media, but making these platforms work for your marketing is another task. Anyone can write paragraphs on a webpage but building on-brand content that speaks to your audience and ‘plays nice’ with the Google algorithm is where the money is at.

If you can speak to your audience while they are still looking for you – then this is as close as you’ll get to read your customers’ mind. These are our top 5 tips to rank well on Google search engines:

Your website design needs to mobile-friendly because that’s where most of your traffic will come from.

Don’t overlook the desperate need for technical SEO support, this is why you need a professional to help perfect your on-page SEO techniques.

You’ll also need to modify your websites’ SEO strategy as often as the Google algorithm continues to change. When you understand the updates on the Google algorithm – then you can update your website content to complement the updates. This is how you’ll jump the Google rankings and build your digital presence with great content marketing. 

Once you’re updated with the changes, you need to write great content that incorporates the off-page and on-page keywords you want to rank for. These keywords will be included in your updated SEO strategy but the content you write needs to have your audience in mind. Because cramming keywords into a post is the quickest way to irritate your reader, and this is why I recently covered top tips for SEO writing. So that you understand the mechanics behind writing good content.

Assess your current ranking and build links for your business or brand. Building links will mean making some friends online and be featured on other websites. You can also get other social media accounts to share your content. This ‘content trade’ can boost your brand visibility and helps you with building social media content that converts.

Content marketing is proving to be an art-form now and if you want your digital presence to be solid, then you’ll need professionals to co-labour with you. Lindwa Communications offers digital content writing services and SEO strategies for your website and social media, if you’re interested in a consultation call – contact us at or fill out the contact form on our website.

There’s no reason your marketing efforts shouldn’t reach your audience.

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