We want to address barriers to entry, by providing digital skills training for entrepreneurs and industry professionals to take advantage of the economic opportunities that come with the 4IR. We’re doing this because we perceive digital literature to be one of the solutions to Africa’s increasing unemployment rate and digital literature boosts business sustainability.

LC Academy


Our inhouse team has 30 years combined experience in digital media & marketing. The Lindwa Communications Academy courses have digestible industry expertise so entrepreneurs can choose between a 10 week course or a 12 week course for digital marketing; social media marketing for business; brand strategy for business; business strategy for online visibility and a purpose program.

Participants will only need a smartphone to join the course and gain a lifetime ability to be employable or use digitisation in their business.

LC Academy digital skills training courses:
  • Social media marketing for business

  • Digital marketing for business

  • Business strategy for online visibility

  • Purpose program - working Biblical principles for personal development

  • Brand strategy for your business

Who should join LC Academy?

Anyone who wants to promote their brand more effectively online and increase brand awareness, sales and conversions through professional social media marketing and digital media.

Anyone looking to gain experience in copywriting, digital marketing, social media marketing and cover the fundamentals of building online visibility.

Entrepreneurs who want to upskill and use digital skills in their business; unemployed graduates in digital media looking to upskill; social media marketers, brand managers and corporate content marketers.

Aspiring digital marketers who want a professional understanding of social media marketing techniques and global best-practice principles.

Entrepreneurs who want to understand their ‘why’ and work Biblical principles for personal development. The purpose program has Christian ethos and looks at personal development through emotional intelligence (EQ); looking at the Bible to discover God’s purpose for your life; how to build healthy cycles and how to branch out your purpose-tree for sustainable business endeavours. 

Together we will build your brand visibility, business strategy for scaling, unpack your vision to better articulate your brand story and boost your marketing efforts. Your audience exists, they just need to see you.

What you’ll take away from LC Academy:

You’ll enhance your existing social media knowledge with marketing techniques and global best-practice principles

You’ll upgrade your knowledge and skills through practical coursework in the 10 week or 12 week course

You’ll understand the potential social media holds for personal branding and overall business marketing

You’ll gain tips and tricks to produce exceptional content for your brand and create a content calendars

You’ll know how to measure your digital marketing metrics and use analytics to optimise your advertising.

You’ll learn how to implement paid advertising campaigns using Instagram, Facebook and Google Adwords

You’ll learn how to  grow your business brand and manage online communities using social media

You’ll learn how to use your brand strategy alongside your business model for maximum lead generation in all marketing channels

You’ll learn how to scale your business for profitable growth

You’ll explore your ‘why’ and build yourself up for business success

Trusted by the experts

How it works:

Lindwa Communications Academy is proudly South African and black female youth owned and led. We understand the African landscape and our courses are crafted in response to market demand and digital skills gaps we see. We develop our courses internally – looking at best global practices and what we’ve seen work in the industry to ensure what you learn with us is relevant.

We run a virtual classroom and online learning offers time-flexibility and the ability to study anywhere. We have weekly classes and practicals that are tailored to your business and brand. 

We have a team of real people who are available to help you with course work and cheer you on to the finish line. 

Payment plans are available for each course. Our 10 week course covers: building online visibility, unpacking social media marketing, content creation strategies, tools & tips, best apps, understanding insights and digital workbooks for aftercare.

The Lindwa Communications Academy Alumni will have exclusive access to offerings, private group membership, templates and tools, workbooks, masterclasses, and an opportunity to market your business in our online databases.

This is your time

Let's grow your business and upskill in the process.

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